Is there a registration fee?

At the time of registration there is a $25.00 registration fee per family due with the first month's tuition. Registration fees only apply to the Dance Season (Sept-May) not the 6-Week Summer Session. 

How do I register my dancer for classes? 

Parents enrolling their dancer in classes will want to first create a DSP (DanceStudio-Pro) Parent Portal. From there, parents will have the opportunity to enter their dancer's information. After doing so, you will be able to see the classes available for your dancer's age group, and enroll in classes from there. 

When can I register my dancer for classes? 

Registration is open year-round. Registration for the dance season (Sept-May) will start in July. Returning dancers will have the opportunity to register for classes first, and new dancer registration will open shortly after. Registration for the 6-Week Summer Session will start in March. Dancers who are looking to start class after February 28th are only eligible to register for the 6-Week Summer Session. 


What dance classes does CLC Dance offer?

CLC Dance currently offers Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Creative Movement classes for ages 3-18. 

What does my dancer need to wear to their dance class?

Each dance style requires different shoes and dance attire. Requirements for shoes and dance attire are listed in the class description, and can also be found in our What to Wear to CLC Dance Class document. 

What happens if class is canceled due to inclement weather, or any unforeseen circumstances? 

Make up class dates are built into the schedule and are used  when classes have been canceled throughout the year due to inclement weather. You will be notified of your class make up option if your dancer's class is canceled. Families will be notified via email if your dancer's class is canceled 2 hours prior to the start of their class time. 


When is tuition due? 

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month. 

When is tuition charged? 

Tuition is divided by 36 classes and charged for 9 months September-May. Summer tuition is a one time charge for the entire 6-week session, June & July. 

What are the ways I can pay my dancer's tuition? 

You may make a one-time payment online using a credit card or ACH transactions through your DSP Parent Portal. You may enroll in Auto-Pay that will be processed on the first of the month for the account balance.  Dancers who take class in Grove City Monday - Thursday may make payment in-person by cash or check made payable to CLC Dance. Convenience fees will apply to all online transactions. Please see your DSP Parent Portal for more information. 

Are there any tuition discounts?

Multi-Class discounts are for any dancer / family who is taking more than 1 class. Tuition is discounted $4.00 off any class after the first class, and $2.00 off any additional classes after 2. There is also a Referral Discount of $2.00 off per month the new referred dancer is enrolled. 

Is tuition prorated for dancers who are starting after the start of the dance season? 

Tuition is prorated by 4 classes in the month for any dancer who is starting class in the middle of any month. Previous classes will not be charged for any dancer prior to registration. 


What do I do if my dancer is going to be absent from class?

If your dancer has a planned or unexpected absence, please report their absence on your DSP Parent Portal under "attendance." You are able to leave a reason why your dancer is going to be absent from class. The front desk and teachers will receive an email notification after submitting your dancer's absence online. 


When is the Recital? 

The end of the 2023-2024 Dance Season recital is scheduled for the tentative date of Saturday, May 18, 2024. 

When is the rehearsal for the Recital? 

Dancers will have a chance to dance on stage in costume prior to the big performance. Dancers will be assigned a 10-15 minute time slot for their class to practice on stage on either Monday, May 13th or Wednesday, May 15th. Dancers will receive a rehearsal schedule by the beginning of May. 

When is Picture Day? 

Picture Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 11, 2024. Your dancer will be assigned 10-20 minute time slot for their individual and class picture at the Grove City location. 

When is the Recital Costume Fee due?

The Recital Costume Fee(s) is due on November 15th. Auto-Pay will be processed for the Recital Costume Fee(s) on November 15th. 

When will my dancer get to take home their Recital Costume?

Dancers will take home their recital costume when their account is paid in full the first week of May. 

What is the Recital Fee?

The recital fee is $65.00 per dancer or $95.00 per family which includes 2 tickets per dancer to the recital, and goes toward space rental, a photographer/videographer and operating expenses. 

When is the Recital Fee due? 

The Recital Fee is due with February's tuition on February 15th.  Auto-Pay will be processed for the Recital Fee on February 15th. 

If my dancer starts class later in the season, can my dancer participate in the recital?

If your dancer is starting class after the bulk order is placed, recital participation is based upon costume availability. An additional $15.00 shipping fee will apply for any costumes ordered after the bulk order is placed in December. 

How many recital tickets can I get?

With your Recital Fee, you will receive 2 tickets per dancer sent to the email associated with your DSP Parent Portal prior to the event. Additional tickets will be available for purchase starting May 1st. COVID guideline may affect how many tickets are sold per dancer. 

Additional Fees

Are there any additional fees throughout the dance season? 

Recital is optional. If your dancer chooses to participate in the end of the season recital, recital costume fees, and recital fees will apply. Parents may also purchase optional merchandise and performance tickets. 


Is tuition refundable?

Tuition and Registration fees are non-refundable. Refunds are given at the discretion of the CLC Dance owner. Refunds are given only in the event of cancellation due to illness/injury with a medical note from one's doctor. 

Are Recital Costumes and Recital Fees refundable?

Once ordered, recital costumes are non-refundable. Recital Fees are non-refundable.